What’s Your Next Step?

Lace up your shoes and get to know the culture, DNA and vibe at NCC! There’s so much to be a part of at New Creation, we encourage you to own your journey and get in on what God is doing here.

Here are a few first steps that will get you into the flow at NCC and on your way to feeling right at home.

Take the 12-Week Challenge: It’s hard to judge a church by attending only one weekend service, so we’ve got a challenge for you. Come each week for 12 weeks and if you don’t see marked improvements in your daily and spiritual life, perhaps we’re not the church for you; but if you do see a change, then keep on coming because that’s just the beginning of all God has for you!

Attend Sunday Services: Pastor Mark Bintliff ministers God’s Word with humor and his teaching style makes it easy for people to put it together so that the Bible becomes practical for everyday application. Children’s Ministry and Nursery are available at all Sunday Services. Sunday morning services are held at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. and the evening service is at 6:00 p.m.

Build Relationships Through Small Groups:  They are smaller group settings where the Word is taught on specific subjects such as, parenting, marriage, or finances. Small groups are usually offered quarterly. They provide an opportunity for you to build meaningful friendships, and grow in the Word that’s why we encourage everyone to participate in a mid-week group. Check your bulletin for the next session.

Get Involved In The GROWTH TRACK:  GROWTH TRACK classes are offered quarterly, watch your bulletin for dates and times.

Membership- Learn about New Creation Church, what we believe, our vision, the benefits of church membership and our church government.

 Essentials- Study the essential beliefs every Christian needs to build a firm foundation and find success in their walk with Christ.

 Connect- Helps you to Connect to God’s purpose and find where you fit in the church by discovering your personality, spiritual gifts, and passions.

 Serve- Put your gifts to use in the local church where God has planted you and find the fulfillment that only comes from serving God as we serve the Body.

Water Baptism: Water baptism is a public profession of your heart-felt faith in Jesus Christ. It is “going public” and we offer baptisms during the summer in the river, but will set up a time to baptize any time of year. We love hearing about the life-change that happens in people’s lives when they come to know Jesus! If you are interested in making your declaration by being water baptized, please contact our office.

NCC Prayer School: Prayer School is a mid week class that is an excellent tool for your spiritual growth. We will study the Bible truths and principles concerning Prayer that will guide us into victorious living!

NCC School of the Bible: A step further for those who want to grow in their knowledge of the word of God. NCC School of the Bible is a two year Class that meets for three hours on Thursday nights.  The curriculum includes subjects like Faith, Prayer, The Holy Spirit and You, Redemption, Old and New Testament and much more. Bible School is an excellent way to boost your spiritual growth and a way to get firmly grounded in the Word of God.


If you have any questions, please email: info@newcreationchurch.org